Development on Alexander Farm Property in Spring Hill Named June Lake

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The 775-acre property on Buckner Lane will become a mixed-use community

The Alexander Family debuted the name of their new development on Buckner Lane in Spring Hill: June Lake. The 775-acre property, formerly referred to as both 2660 Buckner Lane and Alexander Farms, will be developed into a mixed-use community and gateway to the City of Spring Hill.

“We think June Lake conveys the feeling of a late spring day in the countryside when time slows down and neighbors linger by the lakeside. It’s an homage to the rural heritage of Spring Hill that, we believe, also conveys a sense of sophistication and centrality – all key attributes of the vision for this development,” said Don Alexander, a member of the family and a project manager at commercial real estate firm Southeast Venture, which is assisting the family in developing the property. “The name honors Doris June Alexander, the matriarch of the Alexander family, and Lake refers to the 11-acre lake that will be a prominent public amenity within the project.”

In August, the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Alderman (BOMA) approved the revised zoning for the first phase of the project – located in the northwest corner of the property – which involves widening and realigning Buckner Lane to intersect with Thompson Station Road further east. This will allow for more visibility and safer traffic control. This phase also includes developing the infrastructure necessary to support a highly anticipated commercial district.

The project is concurrent with the construction of a fully-funded new interchange at Interstate 65 and the extended Buckner Road, the design-build contractor for which will be announced in January. The interchange and the connection from Buckner Lane to Lewisburg Pike is scheduled to be complete no later than September of 2023.

The overall entitlements for the development include Over 2,900 residential units, 3.9 million square feet of Class A office space, nearly 1.3 million square feet of retail and restaurant space and 400 hotel rooms.

The First Phase will begin in Spring 2021 with the realignment of Bucker Lane. For more about the project, visit