The Future of Office Spaces

 In Commercial Real Estate

It could be the economy, technology, changing work culture, or a combination of the three – whatever it is, discussions of the future of office space are everywhere right now.

Back in November, Southeast Venture principal Paul Plummer was interviewed for the Nashville Business Journal article, “Bigger isn’t always better,” which talked about the growing popularity of efficient office spaces. (You can download a copy of the article off our Web site). Ever since that interview, similar articles have been popping up on my radar.

I decided that it might be useful to jump down the rabbit hole and see just what’s being said about this topic (co-working, shared spacing, hotelling, hot desking, alternative workplaces, etc.).

The list of nine articles below (10 if you count NBJ) tracks my journey. Let me know if I’ve made an glaring omissions, and enjoy the reads.

BayAreaComRE. “Co-Working is Brought to Another Level. RocketSpace Opens Doors to 50,000 Square Feet in SOMA!” Bay Area Commercial Real Estate Blog 12 Jan. 2011.

Interview with RocketSpace’s founder Duncan Logan. The Duke Long entry (below) is about RocketSpace as well.

BayAreaComRE. “The New Landscape of Commercial Real Estate – A Discussion of the Future of Office Space.” Bay Area Commercial Real Estate Blog 11 May 2010.

Philosophical look at the future of the workplace – includes renderings!

Cook, Bob. “Alternative Workplace Strategy’s New Best Friend: The New Lease Accounting.” Corporate Real Estate Strategy 12 July 2010.

Alternative workplaces meet new lease accounting and a friendship is born.

CRE3 Forum. “Tomorrow’s ‘Workplace of the future’ Impact on Today’s CRE Strategy.” Issues/Trends Impacting Corporate Real Estate 1 Sept. 2010

Bullet-pointed steps to help companies decrease there total cost of occupancy.

Dolce, Natalie. “Planning for ‘The Office of Tomorrow’.” Globe St. 12 Jan. 2011.

Interview with Robin Weckesser of CresaPartners in San Jose, discussing “Workplace Optimization Strategies.”

Ha, Anthony. “Founders Den classes up San Francisco’s co-working scene.” Venture Beat 11 Jan. 2011.

Review of Founders Den, a new, invite-only San Francisco co-working space.

Hamilton, Charles. “Co-working Options Showed Major Expansion in 2010.” Gigaom 6 Jan. 2011.

News article about the growth of co-working. Citing the Deskwanted statistic, “the number of co-working facilities almost doubled in 2010, and there are now over 650 such locations worldwide.”

Long, Duke. “Is This The Commercial Real Estate Future?” Ramblings of a Commercial Real Estate Broker 13 Jan. 2011.

Profile of a new co-working company based in San Francisco, RocketSpace.

Mannes, Tanya. “To save cash, business owners opt to share offices.” Sign On San Diego 10 Jan. 2011.

Localizing the co-working phenomenon to the San Diego market.