Rezoning with a Quality Design Firm

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When it comes to zoning laws, these build specifications are necessary rules that dictate how a piece of property can and can’t be used. Zoning regulations can help minimize conflict between property owners, business owners and potential build projects. These rules and codes are put in place to prevent things like putting a loud factory in a residential neighborhood. Covering anything from max building height, material density, yard setbacks, and more, zoning regulations can differ per location.

As zoning rules and regulations change over time to accommodate the needs of residents and communities, working with a quality design firm during this process can help you better understand the needs of your build location as well as get the results you’ve been looking for. To learn more about rezoning and how a firm like Southeast Venture can help, keep reading.

Here’s how you can tackle rezoning with a quality design firm:

  1. Rezoning a Property
  2. A Quality Design Firm Will:
  3. Survey the Property & Surrounding Area
  4. Understand the Rules & Regulations of the Area
  5. Maintain Relationships with Surrounding Businesses, Landowners & More
  6. Applying to Rezone
  7. Collaborative Architecture & Interior Design Solutions

Rezoning a Property

Zoning can be a long, expensive, and challenging process that isn’t guaranteed to produce the desired results. In determining the best use of land, zoning laws take into account the needs of the majority of the residents in the area. Your ideas for the best use of the land may not be well received by the regulatory bodies and the populace in your projected build location.

Prior to diving in, it is important to be aware that rezoning a property can be highly profitable and beneficial to people in the area if it goes according to plan. When it comes to rezoning, every area is unique and may pose different difficulties. A quality design firm will be able to effectively guide you through this process with ease, ensuring you understand everything along the way and get the results you need.

A Quality Design Firm Will:

Survey the Property & Surrounding Area

A quality design firm will complete a general survey of your property and the surrounding land. Depending on the neighborhood you will be planting your facility roots, a firm will want to recognize how the residential or commercial area tends to change. Is large scale growth expected? Is this area struggling to keep up with housing demands? A quality firm will help you answer these questions and understand how they affect your rezoning needs.

Understand the Rules & Regulations of the Area

When it comes to your rezoning process, a quality design firm will work to learn the zoning rules in your projected area. A crucial step to following the rezoning process, a design firm will need to thoroughly access online regulations from your area’s government sites, read up on the current zoning rules for your property, and also open a conversation with your local planning authority.

Maintain Relationships with Surrounding Businesses, Landowners & More

One of the best ways to ensure your property rezoning needs will be met is to establish relationships with surrounding businesses, landowners and more. A quality design firm will likely have a large list of relationships with business owners in an area they frequently build. However, as this will be your property, you may also want to show face and take note of the general opinions local businesses and surrounding landowners have of your construction needs or even the needs of the neighborhood.

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Applying to Rezone

In the event that you have done your homework and are confident about the current zoning rules, you should open a rezoning application with your city’s planning department. When working with a quality design firm, they can help facilitate any meetings with your local planning department and legislative body to ensure your needs positively affect the neighborhood or environment you’re planning to build in.

Prior to an authorized rezone, your application and meetings will require a few things from you and your design firm. Your planning authority will likely ask for things such as a land survey, maps, site plans, traffic studies, and more. In addition, depending on your location, you will likely have to pay a sum that will vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

After reviewing the materials that you have presented, your local planning department will issue a recommendation to the higher legislative bodies. Throughout the entire process, it is imperative to be respectful, courteous, and helpful. When you work with a quality firm and the right tools in your arsenal, you can ensure that your rezoning needs will be met smoothly and efficiently.

Collaborative Architecture & Interior Design Solutions

Southeast Venture’s design team excels in architecture, interior design and master planning services. Our mission statement, “Building Value by Valuing Relationships” comes to life every day. Working with their colleagues in Southeast Venture brokerage and development and with our clients, our design professionals provide integrated services that result in innovative and effective solutions.

Our architects are passionate about great design. They have a holistic approach that links market understanding with design and development. The foundation of our design is to be on the leading edge while considering the communities we serve – building trust with clients and all stakeholders.

Our designs balance a return on investment for clients and foster long-term relationships, while being worthy additions to each community. We care about sustainability. It is a key component of our design process. We design quality structures for clients who share our passion work that stands the test of time.

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