Commercial Architecture Firms: What You Need to Know

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With an increasing need for quality commercial building infrastructure, you’re going to want to work with a quality architecture firm. A commercial architect specializes in designing and specifying buildings for commercial purposes. This can include anything from offices, factories, retail outlets and shopping malls, railway stations, hospitals, hotels, and even leisure facilities.

For those looking to build a multi-purpose facility, a reliable commercial architecture firm is the way to go. Here at Southeast Venture, we’ve compiled a list of what you need to know about working with a commercial architecture firm so that your business and your commercial build project will go smoothly.

Here’s what you need to know about commercial architecture firms:

  1. Project & Design Need Coordination
  2. Blueprint Designs
  3. Effective Build Management Team
  4. Collaborative Architecture & Interior Design Solutions

Project & Design Need Coordination

When looking to start a multi-purpose, commercial grade construction project, you’ll want to look into hiring a commercial architecture firm right away. During their first meeting with new clients, commercial architects will discuss their design and relationship requirements.

Establishing project and design needs and to best collaborate and coordinate on further decisions will be important to the success of your build. A preliminary proposal is usually presented by an architect either before or after the first meeting, depending on the nature of your relationship. An initial proposal may also include a feasibility study or a site audit.

Commercial architecture firms should directly communicate with their clients throughout the project in addition to providing detailed plans, specifications, budgets, and schedules. In other words, clients should receive regular progress updates and will be contacted in case of any problems with the design or construction. Project communication and coordination is very important when it comes to working with a commercial architecture firm.

Southeast Venture

Here at Southeast Venture, our design team has the experience and expertise in providing unique solutions to urban infill, rehab/reuse and new development. Our accomplishments include performance-driven mixed-use facilities that reflect neighborhoods and create positive outcomes for clients and the community such as:

  • Healthcare​ Buildings: Using evidence-based design to understand the patient and family perspective and meet staff needs.
  • Retail Buildings: Designs that welcome locals and newcomers to share in shopping, dining, and recreational experiences.
  • Urban and Historic Redevelopment Projects: Revitalizing existing buildings by maintaining architectural integrity while meeting modern needs.
  • Educational Environments: Shaping each space to our client’s specification while creating spaces that foster learning.

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Blueprint Designs

It is not uncommon for architects in the commercial sector to design and develop a project themselves or to collaborate with a design team. Detailed drawings and scale models may be required from time to time, depending on the size and scale of your project. Additionally, commercial architects coordinate the contributions of specialists or subcontractors throughout your construction project.

This can include some of the following subcontractors:

  • Structural Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Plumbing Technicians
  • Interior Designers
  • HVAC Technicians

All design elements should be compliant with building, fire, and health and safety regulations. Based on approved designs, architects prepare detailed specifications and contracts for construction projects.

Effective Build Management Team

When working with a commercial architecture firm, they may be able to provide essential project management services in addition to designing your commercial project. With this in mind, throughout the construction process, architects can assist clients in negotiating contract terms and selecting contractors.

In the construction phase, these project managing architects can work to coordinate and supervise contractors and subcontractors to establish quality standards for your build project. A commercial architect will set the schedules, monitor progress, and manage contracts to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. This will all be communicated directly to the project owner, to further facilitate a positive relationship with the client and complete a beautiful multi-purpose facility.

Collaborative Architecture & Interior Design Solutions

Southeast Venture’s design team excels in architecture, interior design and master planning services. Our mission statement, “Building Value by Valuing Relationships” comes to life every day. Working with their colleagues in Southeast Venture brokerage and development and with our clients, our design professionals provide integrated services that result in innovative and effective solutions.

Our architects are passionate about great design. They have a holistic approach that links market understanding with design and development. The foundation of our design is to be on the leading edge while considering the communities we serve – building trust with clients and all stakeholders.

Our designs balance a return on investment for clients and foster long-term relationships, while being worthy additions to each community. We care about sustainability. It is a key component of our design process. We design quality structures for clients who share our passion work that stands the test of time.

If you’re interested in our commercial real estate development services, contact our team at Southeast Venture today!