What’s Going on in the Nashville Real Estate Market?

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Currently, Nashville, Tennessee is ranked as the 4th best real estate market in the U.S. As experts in the real estate industry continue to expect growth from the Nashville market, understanding what is currently going on can help direct your decision making process.

As one of the most populated areas in the state, Nashville has quite a few real estate investment opportunities. From manufacturing and transportation, to education, healthcare, financial services, and corporate headquarters sectors, the Nashville economic market is robust. To learn more about the current state of the Music City real estate market, keep reading.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Ever Growing Population
  • Nashville Workforce
  • Nashville Market
  • Quality of Life in Nashville

Ever Growing Population

As the population within the Nashville area continues to surge, from tourists to locals alike, almost all counties in the surrounding area are expected to grow by about 50% in the next 20 years. Currently home to nearly 700,000 residents, Music City is continuing to grow quickly with more than 1.9 million people living in surrounding counties.

Having grown exponentially in just the last year, there is a large demand for turn-key ready commercial and residential real estate investments. Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and the most populated city in the state, positioning itself as a great opportunity for real estate investors, developers and more.

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Nashville Workforce

With an increasing population, the Nashville workforce continues to grow as well. As a growth epicenter, the Nashville metro area has become an economic hub with larger businesses coming in and setting up shop. From a new Amazon warehouse to TikTok offices, there are almost 5,000 new jobs opening up in the Music City area.

As the Nashville workforce continues to grow, the need for appropriate commercial spaces increases as well. Positioned as a market of growth, the Nashville workforce offers a great opportunity for real estate developers. Marked as the 2nd-fastest growing metro economy in the country, Nashville is currently booming the real estate market.

Nashville Market

As we have said, the real estate market in Nashville continues to soar with a strong demand for housing and commercial office spaces. With this in mind, the Nashville boom has in turn boosted home values and sales transactions. Having increased home values by 18.8% over the last year, more and more people are moving to Nashville’s beautiful city, thus bolstering the economic value of the real estate market.

Over the past 5 years home values in Nashville have only continued to increase, as more and more real estate investors and developers take to updating the Nashville landscape. However, with historic areas still alive and flourishing, these changes aren’t built to drastically change the authenticity of Music City. As a city that is taking its growth seriously, the Nashville real estate market is positioned as a sector of growth within the United States.

Quality of Life in Nashville

As a live music hub boasting hundreds of recording studios, thousands of working artists and various entertainment sectors, Nashville, Tennessee truly is Music City. Home to pro sports teams, a huge park system and other famous attractions such as famous restaurants, The Parthenon and more, the quality of life in Nashville is one of the main reasons this city has seen such an influx of newcomers in recent years. With so many amenities and community driven environments, Nashville is positioned as a wonderful place for families and business-minded individuals alike.

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