Neighborhood Spotlight: West Nashville

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Only a short distance from the heart of Music City, West Nashville is a lively residential neighborhood that has recently been attracting more attention. This up-and-coming area has  seen new developments in the last couple years that have provided more options for shopping, dining and entertainment. 


The West Nashville neighborhood encompasses areas rich in history, including the increasingly popular neighborhood, The Nations. This trendy spot has roots tracing as far back as the late 1700s, when Nashville’s founder James Robertson signed a pact with tribal leaders of the Chickasaw Nations to guarantee their rights as one of Nashville’s allies. The event was said to have taken place at Treaty Oak, which stood at what is now the corner of 61st and Louisiana avenues. 

Although there has been much debate over whether or not this historical context explains how The Nations got its name, the real reasoning is unknown. Many claim that “The Nations” was a name chosen by developers who named the streets in the area after different states, with the argument that the street names make up “the nation.” This angle has been disputed by some who argue that developers could have just named the area “The States.” Furthermore, most people have resolved to their own opinions of where the name “The Nations” may have originated since there is no definite explanation.

Charlotte Avenue is the main corridor running through West Nashville. The street was named after the town it leads to – Charlotte, Tenn. – which was named after Charlotte Robertson, the wife of Nashville’s founding father. Many of West Nashville’s attractions are located on or around Charlotte Avenue.

While maintaining its historical foundation, the area of West Nashville has seen substantial growth in recent years that has given the neighborhood a more modern feel. New developments have made the area a hot spot for tourists and locals alike – including Silo Bend, the master-planned, 38-acre community for which Southeast Venture is directing the development – along with exceptional shopping, dining and recreation options that truly provide something for everyone.

Food and Fun

West Nashville is home to many great places for quality entertainment. If you enjoy a day spent walking around and exploring new shops, L&L Market will not disappoint. Located in the historic Se-Ling Hosiery Mill building on Charlotte Avenue and designed by Southeast Venture, L&L Market is West Nashville’s newest attraction that boasts a variety of different vendors. For fashion and home decor lovers, check out the boutique shopping options by Happily Grey, The Barefoot Cottage and Living with Landyn. L&L also has vendors that provide options for fitness, co-working and cosmetic treatments. If you need some fuel to continue exploring all L&L Market has to offer, you’ll find a variety of snack and meal options in the marketplace, including Five Daughters Bakery, Honest Coffee Roasters and Penne Pazze

For more general shopping, the Nashville West Shopping Center has everything you might need, including stores like Target, PetSmart and Best Buy.

As is true for the city of Nashville as a whole, the West Nashville neighborhood offers many unique dining options. Check out Avo for a healthy, plant-based meal that is full of flavor. Or, head over to Coco’s Italian Market for some authentic Italian food that will make you forget you are in Nashville. 

As far as recreational activities go, there is no shortage in West Nashville. Check out Climb Nashville for rock climbing if you are in the mood to have some fun while getting in a good workout. Or, grab some friends and head over to SandBar for some beach volleyball and a little taste of paradise in the south.

With its historic background, easy access to unique shopping, dining and recreational experiences and convenient distance from downtown, West Nashville is an area that many residents are happy to call home.