Upcoming Architecture Trends in 2020

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Nashville architecture firms are going to continue having their hands full in the upcoming year. With more people moving into Music City, the demand for new and interesting architecture designs will further grow. Here are the trends that will become increasingly popular over the course of the next year.

Net Zero Construction

More focus is being placed on sustainability. We’re always learning new things about how our actions and choices affect the environment, and people want to actively reduce their impact in any way they can. This has stretched into the housing market, particularly in the way new constructions are being built.

“Net Zero” refers to the net usage of resources. A Net Zero house produces as much energy—or as close as possible—as it uses. This is done through a combination of two methods. The first is to create energy. Technologies that produce energy like solar and wind are the most popular means of doing this. The second method is to conserve energy. This can be accomplished with highly efficient lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technologies.

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This is a trend that has been growing in popularity and will only continue its upward movement. Minimalism in architecture and interior design has a lot of potential benefits. Not only does a reduction in materials used translate into savings on the project as a whole, it coincides with the idea of increasing sustainable practices in the construction of buildings.

Minimalism has become popular in everything from residential homes to shopping malls. The simple and clear space feels uncluttered. It’s easier to navigate. It’s easier to maintain. But the reason people most like minimalist spaces is that it feels cleaner and calmer. Simple design and structures will continue to gain popularity in the upcoming year.

Quiet and Bright

Natural light is restorative. New constructions are beginning to take this into account when configuring placement of windows and rooms. The goal is to create a space that maximizes its potential for filling the room with sunlight, thus reducing the need for artificial lights. Not only is this a more pleasant experience, it reduces the amount of energy used.

At the same time, new constructions are looking at ways to reduce a different unavoidable aspect of living in a city: Noise pollution. Not only is it distracting and annoying, it can be harmful to those living inside the house. Lack of sleep and higher anxiety are associated with exposure to frequent noise inside the home. Through intentional selection of materials, distribution of these materials, and placement of walls, this noise can be reduced for those inside.

Open Concept

Watch any remodeling show on TV and you’ll see that open concepts have been a popular trend in interior design for a while. The open-flowing feeling of rooms that blend into each other is very popular. And although this trend will continue moving forward, it is beginning to expand into the initial architectural plans of many new buildings. However, there’s a slight difference.

The strategy of opening up a room is now being applied to outdoor areas as well. Think of a room with an exterior wall that is instead an open partition. Maybe there’s a fireplace in the corner, a couch along the wall, and an opening directly to the outdoors. This blending of being both inside and outside the house will continue to grow in popularity.

Smart Homes

As with everything else, technology is invading the home. Smart technology can help a person turn on their lights, open their curtains, and lock their doors at night. Architectural companies are taking this into account when designing various aspects of the home. Homeowners will no longer be constrained by what they can personally touch when they know a simple click on a tablet can do it for them.

The demand for appropriate usages of these technologies will increase as they become more accessible. Expect to see a lot more automation within homes in the coming year.

Industrial Style

This is another trend that is shifting from one area of interior design to another. Businesses such as bars and coffee shops have been refurbishing industrial areas for years—leaving the exposed ducts and steel beams. This gives these areas an industrial feel that is equal parts interesting and attractive.

This trend is moving into the residential sector, and the design begins with the architectural firm. Higher ceilings, no need to hide the support beams, and exposed brick are becoming increasingly popular is residential homes.

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