Partner Profile: Ginny Caldwell

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director of design servicesGinny Caldwell has been with Southeast Venture since 2000 as the Director of Interior Design. She is a registered interior designer in Tennessee with extensive experience in creating interior environments for corporate, healthcare, multi-family and retail projects. At Southeast Venture she plans and oversees client interior design services. Her particular expertise lies in long-range programming, space planning, facility standards programs for finishes and furniture, conceptual design for interior details, lighting and finishes and project management.

Here’s some more insights from Ginny on Southeast Venture, Nashville and the commercial real estate industry:

What trends are you seeing in commercial design?

I’m seeing a variety of trends in commercial design currently – from working residential elements into workplaces to open, natural and collaborative design concepts. The traditional way we view office space is on it’s way out. 

The ‘resimercial’ trend is the movement towards integrating residential elements into the workplace. This trend aligns with a more modern workplace design. People seek spaces that are calm and conducive to creativity, which leads to better work results. This ties into the second trend that I’ve been seeing in commercial design: wellness-focused design. 

Designers are now incorporating features that encourage healthy behaviors, like multifunction sit-and-stand desks, yoga/ meditation rooms, onsite gyms, big windows to let in lots of natural light, healthy snacks and comfortable furniture. Another aspect of design that relates to wellness is biophilic design, which emphasizes the importance of incorporating natural elements, including plants and even green walls. The main goal of biophilic design is connecting people to nature. 

I’m also seeing increased emphasis on fostering community and collaboration within workplaces. This can be achieved through a more open-concept office space or an activity-based design where employees choose where and how they want to work based on the activity or task. The main idea is that working alone within the confines of an office is no longer the preferred environment for professionals. 

What was your favorite project/development from 2018?

Silo Bend in The Nations is was my favorite project from 2018. We recently wrapped construction on the Flats at Silo Bend multifamily property, and I’m excited to see the rest of the community come online. It’s satisfying to see such a large project come to fruition  and see the culmination of all our ideas and work over the last few years!

What project/development are you most looking forward to in 2019?

I have the opportunity to flex my design muscles in an array of different design genres this year. Our projects span across multiple industries – and at extremes within those industries – including creative workspaces, high-end apartments, affordable housing, event spaces and healthcare. 

What’s your favorite thing about Nashville?

Nashville is such a special place. From the people to the lively energy that the city offers, Nashville is a city that encourages creativity.